Maritiem Centrum Barendrecht offers indoor and outdoor storage


Maritiem Centrum Barendrecht offers indoor and outdoor storage; our modern boathouse has an area of 1800m² and offers your boat a moisture-free and well insulated storage, so that your boat is well protected from all weather conditions.

During the winter season the boathouse is only offered as winter storage. In consultation with you, you can carry out certain work on your boat (or have it carried out). In the summer season, it is possible, in consultation with you, to carry out more extensive work in the boathouse.

Both in the summer season (1 April – 1 October) and in the winter season (1 October – 1 April) you can store your boat outside and carry out work.

We do not have an own yacht service, but we have good experience with a number of renowned yacht service companies. They can carry out maintenance and repairs on your boat on our terrain, you can contact them directly. In consultation with the harbour master, certain work in the  boathouse can be carried out under our supervision by the mentioned companies under service & maintenance.

If, apart from the companies mentioned, you would like to have a company carry out maintenance work on your boat,  this is also possible. We kindly ask you to inform us in advance. We will then make appropriate arrangements with them and inform them about our port and shipyard regulations.

The inside and outside storage is equipped with water and electricity connections as well as with  barriers and camera monitoring.  Maritiem Centrum Barendrecht is a member of the HISWA.

Sonja Jordaan
Responsible for the administration, contracts and planning for the marina and storage and you will also find her at the reception.

This is what our guests say:

By coincidence we discovered the camper pitches at Recreatiepark de Oude Maas on our way to the South of France. Since that one time we come back regularly to relax for a couple of nights on one of the 11 camper pitches overlooking the marina or the river. They are spacious paved pitches with their own electricity and water. In the morning we get freshly baked sandwiches and croissants at the reception and look for a nice cycling route for that day. That's all you need, isn't it?  

Rien en Anja de Zwart
Geplaats op: 14-01-2019

During the May holidays we camped with our girls (4 & 6 years old) on the field with the new playground. They had such a good time! In addition, the sanitary is new and clean, the staff friendly, and there is much to do in the immediate vicinity. We can recommend it to everyone!

Thirza Plomp
Geplaats op: 03-09-2018

Since 1998 we have been located at Recreatiepark de Oude Maas, then called Camping de Oude Maas. The past 20 years we have seen a lot of changes and improvements. There used to be a canteen and a phone booth because not everyone had a cell phone and you had to go to the cell to make a phone call. In 2001 chalets were placed and all mobile homes came together on 1 field where we are. The toilet blocks have been completely renovated and there are now underground containers for separated waste. Also all the paths have been recently refurbished and new mobile homes have been placed for rental but also for sale. We love it here on the campsite; it's quiet but still very cosy.

Jan en Thea Pieters
Geplaats op: 07-10-2018

As more than 9 years old, I am a satisfied customer and have a great time here. There are 2 boats of mine here, one in the summer in the harbor and in winter on shore and the other, a somewhat smaller boat, is on shore all year round. With that boat I make use of the wide and easy trailer slipway all year round. The terrain and the harbour are well maintained, very neat and tidy and it is well organized. What I am also happy with is that it is easily accessible and well secured. Without good and motivated staff this is of course not possible. I will stay here for a while!  

Johan van der Voorde
Geplaats op: 04-02-2019

It is with great pleasure that we have been visiting Recreatiepark de Oude Maas for many years. We stand with our tour caravan on - we think - one of the most beautiful places on the park, namely on one of the comfort pitches with a wonderful view over the river. Our boat is located in the marina next door because I love to fish on the Oude Maas. In the evening we sit in front of our caravan enjoying a drink and the sunset.  

Peter en Sjannie van Hout
Geplaats op: 15-02-2019